Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Smash Book Pages

Ok, my latest additions!
 On the left is a note that my son left me since he was home from work after I had gone to bed, I wrote my reply on the bottom and left it for him.  Unfortunately, since our work schedules are different, that is how we communicate some of the time!  I was playing with the Tim Holtz Glassine paper, which is the flower in the corner of that page.
 I found this bingo card on clearance, and liked it...
 I put my weekend to do list on the back of it.  The little card "Currently" is a cool journaling idea that I found while on Pinterest, through Inspiration Everywhere, and she has a link to where she found it through Live Love Paper.  Behind that is a cut out from Graphic 45's Domestic Goddess line.  I taped her in to create a flap so that I could put stuff under her later.
 The left side is an envelope made into a flap, which houses the receipts for my shopping for the day, along with the flier from the Craft Warehouse, and a punch out of the Burger King bag from my lunch on the go.  The page on the right is filled with some of the fortune cookie fortunes I came across while I was cleaning.  I had so many that I put the rest in the glassine envelope.
And finally, my first full page Zentangle.  I adhered it so that it forms a pocket, so that I can put some other creations in it.

Well, what do you think?

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