Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The last pages of my summer Smash Book!

I really enjoyed this project.  It all started out over on Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  They had a summer (June, July, August) smash book challenge.  Well, here are the last pages for mine.

 I made the postcard a flap with the tape.
 I cut off part of the actual shipping envelope, and put the order papers inside of it, using it as a pocket.
 Shopping labels, and such.

 This was fun, having a baby in the house.  I got to break out my "Gramma Gear" for her!!
 This is a big part of my grandson gets little packages al of the time, and my paper crafting.
 Another contest I didn't win.

This was so much fun!  I loved it!

Thanks for looking, and STAY CRAFTY!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some more pages...

 I am really liking this smash book thing.  It is fun going through it and seeing all of the daily things in life.  Here I saved some tea bag wrappers from work.  It is not the best tea in the world, but it is always there, and you can't say that about the coffee in the coffee pot!  I grabbed this bead booklet at Joann's.
 I put in the papers and the story for Ace's neck injury.  Don't worry though, he is all better!
 I got new harnesses for him and his brother!
Some of my favorite drinks these days and my losing (AGAIN) lottery tickets!

Stay crafty!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Pages for my Smash Book

Well, I am almost done with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge's June-July-August Smash Book Challenge.  It has been so much fun...I am going to continue with it!  I will do one that will contain the rest of the year.  It is fun to go through it now, it will be even more fun to go through it in the future!
 I added this snack sized ziplock bag to house the feathers from our "pet" doves.
 It opens over to reveal the story of the doves.
 I couldn't resist this...who hasn't had the great plastic ware war in their kitchen?!
 OK, I have allergies.  Allegra isn't Vita-Vita-Veg-A-Min, but it does make me feel better!  Snapple is one of the best things on earth, as far as I am concerned.
 Sarah's "First 29th Birthday"!!
What do you think?

More Smashing Pages

This two page spread was one day of running around, and having fun!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Smash Book Additions

Here they are!

I know it is kind of boring, but we haven't had a vacation yet!  I added a small paper bag, printed off a weekly to do page and added it to the front of the bag.  I filled it with receipts for the week.

On the back, I added the package from my new reusable mesh veggie bags for grocery shopping!

We traded in our huge diesel guzzling beast of a truck and got this nifty Toyota!!!

I have been doing little projects all weekend, trying to get caught up.  I am famous for starting a project, getting sidetracked with another project, and having leftovers laying around.  I used the leftover packaging and strips of papers for this pocket page.  I had a piece of plain cardstock, 12 x 6" and folded it up to create a pocket.  I covered it with leftover papers, using strips on the bottom pocket piece...

Then I folded those strips over to complete the pocket.  I thought it looked cool on the back side too!  I am filling up the pocket with packaging and the labeling strips from the papers I used...a kind of "remains of the day" craft product pile!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Smash Book

Ok, now I think I might be addicted to this idea.  I raided my stash, looking to make a mini smash book that I could stick in my purse and carry around.  I was thinking this one would be more journal-like and I would write stuff in it, stick in notes, lists, etc.  At the end of the post I have links to the sites where I found the printables I used.  I included a lot of pictures with this one...let me know what you think.

 The book is roughly 6 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" wide, not including the rings.
 The covers are coin envelopes with cardstock in them for reinforcement.  I included 50 pages by the time I was done!
 Tags, printables, envelopes, OH MY!
 Some of the stuff was in my stash, I have no idea where they came from.  I just added stuff in.
 I added envelopes, and even turned a security envelope inside-out for another page/pocket.
 I found a stash of white chipboard that comes from packaging at my work and ran it through my Cuttlebug to create this page.  I used some 7 Gypsy stuff too.
 Library pocket and card...index cards...
 Journaling cards...
 I put tabs on file folder pieces...
 Ephemera from my stash...Making Memories, K and Company...others that I don't know where they came from!
 Even a business reply postcard with a journaling spot sticker.
 Index cards from photo boxes...
 The tomato soup cardstock is from a can opener that I bought a long time ago, but saved the packaging cuz it was soooooooo cute!
 Coffee sleeve...postcard...
 Another inside-out envelope.  These envelopes I had saved from return envelopes from bills.
 Paper bag, chipboard from my stash.
I covered the back of that chipboard with leftover paper I had.  I made a mini file folder from a piece of file folder.

Here are the links to the awesome sites where I found printables used in this book:

Just Something I Made
The Graphics Fairy

Stay Crafty!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Smash Book Pages

Ok, my latest additions!
 On the left is a note that my son left me since he was home from work after I had gone to bed, I wrote my reply on the bottom and left it for him.  Unfortunately, since our work schedules are different, that is how we communicate some of the time!  I was playing with the Tim Holtz Glassine paper, which is the flower in the corner of that page.
 I found this bingo card on clearance, and liked it...
 I put my weekend to do list on the back of it.  The little card "Currently" is a cool journaling idea that I found while on Pinterest, through Inspiration Everywhere, and she has a link to where she found it through Live Love Paper.  Behind that is a cut out from Graphic 45's Domestic Goddess line.  I taped her in to create a flap so that I could put stuff under her later.
 The left side is an envelope made into a flap, which houses the receipts for my shopping for the day, along with the flier from the Craft Warehouse, and a punch out of the Burger King bag from my lunch on the go.  The page on the right is filled with some of the fortune cookie fortunes I came across while I was cleaning.  I had so many that I put the rest in the glassine envelope.
And finally, my first full page Zentangle.  I adhered it so that it forms a pocket, so that I can put some other creations in it.

Well, what do you think?