Sunday, July 31, 2011

Smash Book Additions

Here they are!

I know it is kind of boring, but we haven't had a vacation yet!  I added a small paper bag, printed off a weekly to do page and added it to the front of the bag.  I filled it with receipts for the week.

On the back, I added the package from my new reusable mesh veggie bags for grocery shopping!

We traded in our huge diesel guzzling beast of a truck and got this nifty Toyota!!!

I have been doing little projects all weekend, trying to get caught up.  I am famous for starting a project, getting sidetracked with another project, and having leftovers laying around.  I used the leftover packaging and strips of papers for this pocket page.  I had a piece of plain cardstock, 12 x 6" and folded it up to create a pocket.  I covered it with leftover papers, using strips on the bottom pocket piece...

Then I folded those strips over to complete the pocket.  I thought it looked cool on the back side too!  I am filling up the pocket with packaging and the labeling strips from the papers I used...a kind of "remains of the day" craft product pile!

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