Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The last pages of my summer Smash Book!

I really enjoyed this project.  It all started out over on Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  They had a summer (June, July, August) smash book challenge.  Well, here are the last pages for mine.

 I made the postcard a flap with the tape.
 I cut off part of the actual shipping envelope, and put the order papers inside of it, using it as a pocket.
 Shopping labels, and such.

 This was fun, having a baby in the house.  I got to break out my "Gramma Gear" for her!!
 This is a big part of my grandson gets little packages al of the time, and my paper crafting.
 Another contest I didn't win.

This was so much fun!  I loved it!

Thanks for looking, and STAY CRAFTY!

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  1. Very nice! Think you'll make another one soon? I'm a little addicted to this sort of thing I make smashbook pages for pretty much every place I go (and post it here: as well as a number of random, non-themed books. Really, I just like cutting pieces of paper into smaller pieces of paper and then sticking them to other pieces of paper. :)